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Carnival returns to Dimmick Park this summer

Carnival returns to Dimmick Park this summer

Sara Good, Writer July 9, 2021

The carnival company Goodtime Amusements is set to return this summer to Dimmick Park. Last summer this local event was canceled due to COVID-19 lockdowns. The arrival of the carnival is set to be July...

Hellertown’s newest addition

Hellertown’s newest addition

Sara Good, Writer May 5, 2021

“The Vibe Nutrition” is the newest addition to main street Hellertown. It has been booming in popularity. This shop consists of all types of drinks ranging from teas that boost metabolism and protein...

The importance of Earth Day

The importance of Earth Day

Sara Good, Writer April 27, 2021

Earth Day was on Thurs. April 22, 2021. Earth Day is an important day and we shouldn’t ignore the message behind it. Our planet needs our help. The planet is heating up and fast. Climate change is...

Brood X return after 17 years underground

Sara Good, Writer April 21, 2021

This spring marks the beginning of a huge emergence of cicadas that only come around once every 17 years. This group of cicadas are named Brood X and they will be around for six weeks. These cicadas...

Vaccines at Saucon, what might change?

Vaccines at Saucon, what might change?

Sara Good, Writer April 15, 2021

Mid-March this year, teachers in Pennsylvania were granted access to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. The teachers are part of the 1B group instead of the first wave of 1A so health workers and those...

Texas struggles against winter

Sara Good, Writer March 24, 2021

At the end of February, snow storms started to hit Texas and caused numerous issues for Texans. These issues included frozen pipes that left 4 million houses without power. It seems as if the state...

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