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2021 Reflector

Since school started up again, each and every student on the yearbook staff has been working hard to make sure the 2021 book is remarkable. 

This year has clearly been unlike any other that’s been experienced in anyone’s lifetime. In honor of this year’s dissimilarity, the theme was decided as: “It’s What’s Behind the Mask.” 

“What is your opinion on the production of the yearbook so far?” “I think that we have been very creative with spreads. The production is going a lot more smoothly than I anticipated in the beginning of the school year” stated yearbook advisor Ms. Brianna Keeney.

With the yearbook deadline approaching in April, the staff is consistently touching up and perfecting every page. Senior Molly Youells has been a part of the staff since her sophomore year and stated her excitement with the production.  

“As the editor, I’m very proud of how far we’ve come with this production and cannot wait to see how it turns out,” stated Youells.

Every year a lot of seniors order a yearbook to be able to look back on memories from their last year in high school and seniors have a big role within the yearbook.  

Freshman Emma Mininger commented on The Reflector’s ability to handle the pandemic in such a trying year.

I like that we are able to still know who the person is behind the mask hence the fact that that’s the main layout of the yearbook. I also liked that we put in the part of people talking about how COVID affected people and that was an insight to see what other people had to go through,” stated Freshman Mininger.  

All-in-all, this year’s yearbook will be phenomenal and an amazing way to commemorate a year that none of us are bound to forget.  

You can order one at with the order code #16880!


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2021 Reflector