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2023 Reflector: Welcome to the Jungle

This years reflector is Welcome to the Jungle”.

*This year for distribution we ask that all students do not pick up their yearbook(s) unless it is at the appropriate times assigned. We ask that you pick up at the assigned time unless you email with concerns so that you don’t cause disruption in 412 while class is being taught.*

This year the Yearbook Staff will be tentatively distributing yearbooks on Thursday May 18- Monday, May 22. During lunches and at the end of the day, the yearbook staff will be in the pond lobby to distribute the 2023 Yearbooks! Steps to follow when they arrive…

1.) Check in with the yearbook staff to ensure that you ordered a yearbook. 

2.) Put your initials next to your name on the sign-out sheet stating that you picked up the yearbook.

3.) Take a look at your yearbook to recall all of the memories over the 2022-23 school year.

4.) Get your yearbook signed by friends to look back on over the years – that’s what the yearbook is all about!


A lot of brainstorming goes into creating the theme for the yearbook. We actually started off this year with the theme “It’s a Jungle in Here”. We choose to start off with something in the Jungle because the class of 2023 played a huge part in the jungle for every game, they played a huge role in sports and the theater department and made all the effort to bring out the school spirit. However, the class thought that “It’s a Jungle in Here” had some negative vibes and “Welcome to the Jungle” had the positive vibe we were looking for.

By: Ashlie Yankowy
[email protected]
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2023 Reflector: Welcome to the Jungle