New lunches take the stage

March 29, 2023

Within the past few months, the Saucon Valley Cafeteria has stirred up debate by adding new meals to the lunch menu. 

When asked if the additions to the menu are good ideas, junior and food connoisseur, Constantine Donahue stated, “Yes, especially after the taco tot bowl. Those were extragrant.” Donahue is one of the many fans of the new tater tot taco bowl. Donahue goes on to say that the first thing that comes to his mind when thinking of the tater tot taco bowl is, “Heaven.”

Red circles outlining all the new additions to the March 2023 lunch menu.

Even those who do not partake in buying school lunches know of the Tater Tot Taco Bowl. “The taco tot bowl caught my eye, and I was disappointed I couldn’t try it,” junior Clara Whitley explained. Whitley is your average cold lunch student. She eats what she packs and that’s that. “I do sometimes wish that I could indulge in the discourse about the new lunches. It’s something that a very large population of the student body can engage in, and I often feel as though I am missing out on a crucial part of the Saucon Valley student experience.” Whitley vocalized. These new additions to the menu may have the power to convert cold lunch students. 

In addition to the Tater Tot Taco Bowl, the school also introduced the Tasty Brand Twisted Cheese Sticks. These cheese sticks are rumored to be the replacement for the renown Bosco Sticks. Ever since the Tasty Brand Twisted Cheese Sticks were introduced, the cafeteria has not seen Bosco Sticks on the menu. This has caused some backlash from the students who loved the Bosco Sticks dearly. 

The view as the Chicken Tenders and Waffles are prepped for the trays.

Junior Rylea Townsend had some words about the Tasty Brand Twisted Cheese Sticks. “I miss the Bosco Sticks. I really enjoy Tasty Brand ones however, parmesan cheese on top is essential to a bread stick.” Donahue shared a similar opinion on the subject, “I would say it’s nice for a change. The thing is, for such a staple to be changed, I don’t know if they can outdo the Bosco Sticks. The new ones are lacking the cheese.”

The most recent lunch that was served in the cafeteria was the Chicken Tenders and Waffles. The chicken aspect of the meal was what the cafeteria was used to, the typical chicken tenders. The new element was the waffles. “When tossed like a frisbee, they caught some serious air,” Donahue remarked. 

Junior Kennedy Pacchioli is usually a cold lunch packer, but the Chicken Tenders and Waffles caught her attention. “The chicken and waffles were really good. The chicken had a nice salt to it but the waffles had a sweet taste that blended everything together,” Pacchioli described. 

The new Chicken Tenders and Waffles.

Some may say the changes to the school’s menu is exactly what Saucon needs, while others disagree. Donahue is a student who believes that these changes are beneficial as long as they are at the level of the notorious Popcorn Chicken Bowl. This is considered to be the widespread opinion of the students at the high school. The next change we will see on the menu are the Corn Nibletts that are being served on March 27. This is an addition to the menu no one predicted, and students await the day they can conquer the Corn Nibletts.

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    Clara WhitleyApr 18, 2023 at 10:37 am

    Wow! This really makes you think! I am honored to be involved in this feat of writing.

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      Sydney EberlingMay 25, 2023 at 12:27 pm

      Thanks Clara! Your willingness to work with me really means a lot. See you around~