Athlete profile: Jack Robertson

Christine Kreschollek

Jack Robertson (on right). Photo taken during a home game against our rivals, Notre Dame (Photo credit: Christine Kreschollek

How long have you been playing basketball?

I have been playing basketball for 11 beautiful years.

What made you start playing basketball?

Both my parents and watching basketball in general made me start to play.

Do you plan on playing basketball at the collegiate level?

I plan on playing basketball in college.

What are your thoughts on this past season?

I thought this last season was perfect to say the least. Coach Brett Snyder was a great coach as he pushed us to be better athletes and better young men. I had a lot of fun with my teammates and we were very successful.

What game has been the highlight of your high school career?

My best game that comes to mind is against Wilson in the first round of colonial league playoffs. I had 21 points and we won.

Go-to pregame song?

My go-to pregame song is “25k jacket” by Gunna 

What is your most memorable moment from off the floor?

My most memorable moment off the floor is when I brutally pantsed my friend Elijah miller to his ankles while sliding on the floor.

What is your favorite thing to do post game?

My favorite thing to do post game is go get food with my friends.

What position do you play? 

I play point guard

Which team do you love beating the most?

I love beating Notre Dame the most without question.