Environmental Club: helping the community one day at a time

April 17, 2023


The Environmental Club pictured while they pick up trash off the trail. The club hosts many events throughout the year to benefit both the community and the district.

The Environmental Club makes the community a better place day by day. 

The club’s administrator, librarian Amber Sams, described the goal of the club as, “To raise awareness about environmental issues and help make a more sustainable school and community.” Sams has been the administrator of the club for quite some time, and when asked what her favorite Environmental Club project was she explained, “The Big tree planting event last year. It was stressful, but we got a lot of trees out to people’s hands.” Sams also mentioned she enjoyed when the club helped out with the school’s recycling as well as helping Mrs. Mertz with her watershed.

Junior Adrianna Pretopapa is a member of the Environmental Club. Pretopapa’s favorite quality of the club is “what it stands for. Everyone feels the same way and wants to see change implemented in society when it comes to helping the environment.” Pretopapa also commented on her favorite Environmental Club project,“We did a tree plenish project where we planted trees around town. That is definitely my favorite!”

The Environmental Club sets up tables in order to sell chocolate during and after school.  The club sold fair-trade chocolate.

The club recently had a chocolate sale that ended April 4. The Fair Trade Chocolate Sale consisted of the club selling chocolates during and after school in order to, “support fair trade and sustainable farming practices.”

“It Helps raise awareness. Buying fair trade products is better for the environment and human rights,” said Sams in an email sent to the student body. Not only does this sale support a good cause but it also fundraises for the club’s field trip.

The Environmental Club has many plans for the future. A key problem they wish to resolve is the recycling issue. It has been suggested the building’s recycling is not going into the proper receptacles as it leaves the district. This issue is very important to both Sams and Pretopapa.

“It is infuriating. Environmental club is currently working on figuring out what we can do to change this,” Pretopapa vocalized.

When asked what issue she wanted to resolve, Sams was quick to speak on this topic, “The fact that we think our recycling bins are actually being recycled is a misrepresentation of our recycling program in our town.” This topic is on the club’s list of top priorities this spring.

Members of the environmental club post signs on the recycling bins about materials accepted in the receptacles.  The club promoted recycling throughout the high school and the district.

Saucon Valley High School’s Environmental Club is best known for their commitment to the community and projects that better the school. Pretopapa noted, “I wish people knew how morally rewarding it is. It feels good to do good for the environment.”  The club is open and welcome to anyone who is interested in helping the community and the environment.  

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