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May 2, 2023


Page’s EP, shown on Apple Music. The cover features Alix next to a canvas featuring an A.

On April 14th, 2023, Alix Page released her sophomore ep, Goose. The EP featured five songs, two of which were released previously as singles. In this article. I’ll be creating a comprehensive review of the EP from my perspective. For students who are fans of Taylor Swift, Lizzy Mcalpine, or Gracie Abrams, I highly recommend Alix’s discography.


Sharing the same title as the EP, “Goose” opens the EP with a new energy that hasn’t been seen in Alix’s previous songs, kicking off with upbeat drums. It quickly becomes clear it’s written by Alix, however, when it comes to the lyrics. The song surrounds Alix’s memories of a previous relationship. She writes “It’s a lost art and a false start, I’ve seen all the movies/ So you pick me up, brush the bruise off, just keep talking to me.”  The song surrounds all of these memories of everything that occurs when she returns to this past relationship, but how she doesn’t want to leave it behind her and wants to soak up all of the time in it she can. In one of my favorite lines, she references her first EP, Old News, when she writes “It’s no use, I’m all old news and you’re reading right through me.” A fan of Alix Page, junior Clara Whitley, describes it as her favorite song on the EP. It’s very upbeat with lyrics that could be read as optimistic or full of self sabotage, and it’s a perfect opener to an EP surrounding her love life.


The first single of the album released, “Automatic”, surrounds Alix feeling as though she could repeat her relationship again and again, missing the excitement of the situation and drama surrounding it. She writes “There’s nothing like the back and forth, the push and pull that leaves you wanting more.” This song kicked off the EP speculations when it was released on March first and had become a fan favorite because of its catchy lyrics and interesting sound. 


Another one of the singles released, “4Runner” is a passionate song that picks up pace after the first verse and features more melancholy lyrics. These lyrics surround the same topic as the two previous songs in the EP, Alix’s alleged previous relationship that she continued to return to after it ended. She writes “I still feel like I lost it/ I’m not bitter about it/ tell me you’re not driving to someone else’s street/ you’re my four runner.” For context, a four runner is a car manufactured by Toyota. It’s assumed that Alix is almost referring to this individual as a getaway car, or someone she can depend on. This song is the longest on the EP at two minutes and forty seven seconds.

How Could I

This song surrounds Alix’s previous relationship with a heartbreaking sing surrounding the end of the relationship and it’s consequences. It references Alix’s previous song “4Runner” when she writes “Scared you’ll end up on speed dial and I’ll end up in Silver Lake,” implying that she’s worried she will return to the relationship and didn’t end it with the correct intentions or perspective, either calling them or driving to where they live now. Overall, the song is my personal favorite on the album. Similarly to the rest of the EP, it has heartbreaking lyrics that are catchy and well written. 


“Toothache” is the closing song on the EP. The name of the song references a previous song by Alix titled “Pulling Teeth.” The song describes how Alix doesn’t want to make her partner feel as though being with her is as dreadful and painful as pulling teeth. This new song surrounds similar metaphors about teeth, with lyrics like “All I do is play the victim, cavities and heart attacks.” It once again surrounds the feeling of the breakup being like a toothache, something that consistently hurts even as you continue on with your day. The song is the shortest on the album, but ends it with a bang of emotion that leaves listeners wanting more. 

Goose is an incredible EP that is very open and emotional. It’s beautifully written and catchy, and it’s the perfect new listen for this spring.


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