Coachella’s runway


Coachella fashion often sets trends for the summer. This year was no different with many celebrities and influences attending the festival in new styles.

Sydney Eberling, Writer

The stages of Coachella have become more than a place to perform. One may consider them to have morphed into a runway to display the latest trends in fashion. Here are some of the top artist’s top outfits  at Coachella 2023. 


Styled in custom Acne studios, Rosalía wore a look similar to the styles in their summer collection. Weekend one, the key piece in her outfit was the sheer pink jellyfish-like top that brought a pop of color to her all black outfit. This outfit feels very Rosalía, especially with the huge black glasses she wore when performing. Week two she wore a nearly identical outfit, yet the pop of color was changed for black. Even though her outfit was exactly the same, changing the color created an entirely different aura to her. I can see long flowy pieces like this becoming popular next summer since this summer knitwear is becoming popular. 


Arguably the best dressed of the two weekends, Blackpink’s stylists did not disappoint. Week one, the four girls came out in cohesive black and pink outfits, what else did you expect? The outfits had an abundance of sparkles and pieces of pink fabric draped from their shorts. Of the girl’s solo stages, Jisoo’s red dress stood out the most. The dress consisted of vibrant red flowers connecting with each other and had an insane angular cut. Week two Blackpink came out with their most iconic Coachella outfits yet. Every girl sported a baby pink set covered in sparkles. Each of the girl’s outfits had an aspect that matched with another, but the looks were each different. Lisa’s pink outfit was one of the most memorable. Her and Jennie both wore pants, but Lisa’s had big cut outs in the middle. Her piece really stood out while they performed. Not only have Blackpink played a huge part in bringing K-pop music to the west, they are also bringing K-pop concert outfits as well. Hopefully certain artists will take notes. 

Bad Bunny

One word to describe Bad Bunny’s Coachella 23 style is color. He wore a bright custom made ERL puffer and pants set. The set was covered in a loud patchwork pattern. Of course the only shirt to pair this outfit with is no shirt at all. This outfit perfectly coincides with Bad Bunny’s vibe of vibrant and fun. It also matches a growing trend in men’s fashion as seen on runways. Bright colors and loud patterns are on their way this summer and Bad Bunny got the ball rolling.