Philadelphia Eagles draft review


The NFL draft was held in April and was the 88th annual draft. Eagles fans have high hopes for the next season and hope the draft secures a number of skilled players.

Constantine Donahue

The Philadelphia Eagles have put a few promising seasons together over the past years, but have also made moves in the draft that have set them up for future success. 

The Eagles will be returning this year as a team looking for revenge, after losing Super Bowl LVII 38-35 to the Kansas City Chiefs. 

With that being the case, the Eagles at default are given the 31st pick in the 2023 draft. However, they obtained the 10th overall pick from the New Orleans Saints, which was later turned into a 9th overall pick from the Carolina Panthers, through the Chicago Bears.

The final picks the Eagles had were the 9th, 30th, 65th, 66th, 105th, 188th and the 249th overall picks.

With the 9th overall pick, the Eagles selected Jalen Carter, a highly ranked defensive tackle out of the University of Georgia. 

“I personally think Carter could be the best player in the draft. I believe he only fell to the ninth overall pick due to off the field issues,” said junior Austin Zolnierz.  Austin “bleed green” Zolnierz is a huge Eagles fan.

Howie Roseman (Eagles GM) made Zolnierz and other Philadelphia fans happy yet again, by selecting Nolan Smith, a linebacker, and another former Georgia Bulldog.

“Smith could’ve been the most underrated pick in the entire draft. I was expecting him to go much higher in the draft. The fact that he fell to 30th was blasphemous, we had to take him,” said long-time Eagle’s fan junior Braden Weiss. 

“I mean, the first round was robbery,” Weiss mentioned.

The Eagles went on to select Tyler Steen, (OL, 65th) Sydney Brown, (S, 66th) Kelee Ringo, (CB 105th) Tanner Mckee, (QB, 188th) Moro Ojomo (DT, 249th). 

The Eagles were graded by multiple verified sources to have an A+ draft grade. 

“I think the Eagles won the draft. The additions of Jalen Carter and Nolan Smith will be very impactful moving forward. The fact we were able to get them so late just shows how wonderful Howie Roseman is at his job,”said sophomore Joey Griffith.

Both Griffith and Zolnierz shared their thoughts on what they expect the season to look like.

“As long as the Eagles stay healthy, I think they can win the Super Bowl,” stated Griffith. 

“If we don’t make it to the Super Bowl I will be highly disappointed. Injuries could hurt us, but as long as they don’t I believe we have a great shot,” added Zolnierz.

Obviously, Philadelphia fans have high expectations for this new and improved team. They return many starters, and have added key players to fill voids in their team. It should be another exciting and great season.