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Mural in the 300 hallway above a stretch of lockers in between classrooms. The artwork was done by Senior Zoe Jones and 2023 graduate Rachel Kazane.

Transforming the hallways through mural art

Clara Whitley, Writer April 26, 2024

In the high school, there are murals painted all over the walls that students and faculty have all grown used to seeing. These murals are important pieces of art that bring life to the school, by representing...

The Leo Club gathering together in Marcozzi’s room. Seems like serious business!

Leo Club comes roaring to Saucon Valley

Madeleine Kares, Writer January 9, 2024

Leo club stands for Leadership, Experience, and Opportunity. This club started at Saucon in 2021 when Junior Yashvi Javia learned about the club and started it up at the high school.  “I wanted to...

The Muhlenberg Women’s Wrestling Invitational and its participants. How fierce!

Why women’s wrestling is on the cusp of its big boom – and how the Lehigh Valley is the perfect place to push it over the edge

Boden Spencer, Writer December 11, 2023

Touring D1, D2, and D3 schools with my dad while he was scouting and having meetings with some of the most respected coaches and up-incoming athletes in college wrestling right now was a decent part of...

This is me when I win the Hunger Games.

Emma Zellers the winning Tribute

Emma Zellers, Writer December 8, 2023

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in the midst of the Cornucopia afraid of the death staring you in the face? How would it be to experience what Katniss Everdeen did? You'd be likely to...

The symbol for Model UN show the world.  The club gives students the opportunity to understand the perspectives of different countries around the world.

Model UN

Evette Urban, Writer November 27, 2023

Model UN was first held at the high school about 20 years ago, in 2002 to 2003. A student asked social studies teacher Jessica Friday, if they would be able to restart the club, and she said yes. Model...

The first American Girl Doll was released in the 1980s.  Since then, the company states that over 36 million dolls have been sold.

THE Girl of the Year

Sydney Eberling, Writer November 3, 2023

You push back the daunting doors to the American Girl Doll store, rather, palace. There she awaits, on her royal throne, American Girl’s highest ranking Girl of the Year. You keep your head down as you...

Pennsylvania is home to many haunted locations.  Every Halloween, people flock to visit these sites.

Spooky sites in the Keystone state

Boden Spencer, Writer November 2, 2023

Pennsylvania has its fair share of haunted spots, from battlefields to creepy old asylums and historically haunted inns. These places in PA are believed to be home to old spirits, scary screeches, and...

A collection of works in the 2023 art show decorates the halls.

The annual art show takes over the halls

Rylea Townsend, Writer May 17, 2023

The 2023 student art show at Saucon Valley has arrived. Held May 10, the art show featured works from all art students who took classes such as Art Concepts I and II, Painting I and II, and Drawing...

Superbad characters Evan and Seth at the end of the movie. Source: Flickr

Top 10 high school movies

Rylea Townsend, Writer May 12, 2023

There’s a specific genre of movies made to appeal to younger audiences: high school movies. They typically fulfill a general set of stereotypes and use them to create a semi relatable, often forgettable,...

Frank Ocean was set to headline Coachella two weekends in a row.  After a performance that disappointed many, Ocean dropped out of the second weekend.

Frank Ocean lost in the heat of it all: Coachella 2023.

Kennedy Pacchioli, Writer April 26, 2023

On April 16th Frank Ocean, famed alternative R&B artist, was scheduled to perform on weekend one day three of Coachella. Being his first performance in almost six years, fans were heavily anticipating...

Meet Chat GPT.

A beginner’s guide to Chat-GPT

Rylea Townsend, Writer April 17, 2023

Chat GPT is an AI feature created by the group Open AI. It’s recently been under fire for enabling students to cheat on assignments by asking the AI to write their essays or complete their assignments....

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