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The first American Girl Doll was released in the 1980s.  Since then, the company states that over 36 million dolls have been sold.

THE Girl of the Year

Sydney Eberling, Writer November 3, 2023

You push back the daunting doors to the American Girl Doll store, rather, palace. There she awaits, on her royal throne, American Girl’s highest ranking Girl of the Year. You keep your head down as you...

Coachella fashion often sets trends for the summer.  This year was no different with many celebrities and influences attending the festival in new styles.

Coachella’s runway

Sydney Eberling, Writer May 4, 2023

The stages of Coachella have become more than a place to perform. One may consider them to have morphed into a runway to display the latest trends in fashion. Here are some of the top artist’s top outfits ...

The Environmental Club pictured while they pick up trash off the trail.  The club hosts many events throughout the year to benefit both the community and the district.

Environmental Club: helping the community one day at a time

Sydney Eberling, Writer April 17, 2023

The Environmental Club makes the community a better place day by day.  The club’s administrator, librarian Amber Sams, described the goal of the club as, “To raise awareness about environmental issues...

Stress, stress, stress

Stress, stress, stress

Sydney Eberling, Writer April 3, 2023

Flooded with extracurriculars and classwork, the students at the high school are stressed.  “Every day when I go to school, I am overcome with an overwhelming sense of dread because of all of the assignments...

New lunches take the stage

New lunches take the stage

Sydney Eberling, Writer March 29, 2023

Within the past few months, the Saucon Valley Cafeteria has stirred up debate by adding new meals to the lunch menu.  When asked if the additions to the menu are good ideas, junior and food connoisseur,...

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