Athlete Profile: Paul Mihalistas


Profile- Paul Mihalitsas. Sophomore soccer player for the Saucon Valley JV soccer team.

Anthony Sipos, Writer

Paul Mihalitsas is a sophomore that plays for the swing JV/Varsity soccer team. Paul started playing soccer at Saucon before high school. Paul has gotten into playing soccer for the school because he enjoys the aspects of the sport and playing the game in general.

How long have you been playing soccer at Saucon? 

I have been playing soccer for two years now.

How have your past two seasons been with the team?

I would say they’ve been pretty good. I managed to score a hat trick at the end of my season as a freshman and scored a header at the end of my sophomore season, so yea overall I’d say pretty good.

What is your favorite soccer team?


What position do you play?

I usually play forward/striker and occasionally midfield.

What’s one of the funniest moments of your past seasons?

I remember one of the funniest moments was when my friend and teammate Jack Edelman accidentally fell forward while dribbling the ball and managed to make a goal.

Who is your favorite team to beat?

I love beating Palmerton since those are the most memorable moments I’ve had in my past seasons.