Teacher profile: Mr. Moyer


Mel Moyer and his son take a ride on a ski lift. Mr. Moyer teaches English literature and is known for his goofy personality.

Kennedy Pacchioli, Writer

What is your favorite class to teach?


Who is your teacher best friend?

They’re changing so many times these days. T. Koch, although our relationship has been off recently.

What inspired you to be a teacher?

I first went to college for business, then I changed to a major in chemistry and education, then I dropped the education part after doing some observations in a Catholic high school. Then I decided to get a straight English literature degree and attended law school for a little while. I was working as a night shift janitor in a 24/7 gym and I also had a job as a clerk at a jewelry store. I sat down and thought about my life and realized I wanted to do something meaningful with an English literature degree and I realized I was interested in being an English teacher. I decided to go to DeSales to get my teaching cert and I’ve been teaching ever since.

What’s your favorite color?

Lately it’s been shades of blue.

What is your favorite TV show?

Not the Bachelor. I watch mini series. Unsolved mysteries. “Mindhunter.”

Morning or night?

Morning offers it’s quiet time, but I feel like I can get more done at night.

What is your favorite teaching memory?

Hunter Gress brought back a pie and a couple spoons. He offers pie to everybody in the class (there were a lot more details shared- but for the sake of everyone’s time, the story was abridged).  

If you could do any other profession, what would it be?

I would do mobile LED sign and screen rentals.

What was your high school/college job?

Hardscaping (constructing paver-stone patios and walls).

Do you have a hidden talent?